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2012 Seven Super Sunday Calendar



154 Steps to Revitalize Your Sunday School and Keep Your Church Growing: This resource will provide you with proven methods for growth. Receive inspiration to reach the lost through your Sunday school and boost your worship service attendance! It includes the following:

Four hours of video seminar

Planning and promotional materials

Training schedule

Student workbook

Teaching helps

UPC No. 13661, $99.95




Autumn Harvest: This resource is a four-week attendance campaign designed for use in the fall season. Inspire your members, reach the lost, and build your attendance through using this resource. Sunday school lessons were written with reaching the lost in mind and are taught on the accompanying audiocassettes. Pastor Kirby Hathaway implemented this campaign and exclaimed that attendance was the highest in six years. . . attendance held up after the campaign. The packet includes

Four 30-minute video sessions

Reproducible study guides and art section

UPC No. 13900, $59.95

Church Growth and Promotions: 15 Sunday school attendance promotional ideas with instructions and visuals. UPC No. 4181, Regular Price: $7.00

Sunday School Attendance Boosters: 165 fresh new ideas. This book is packed with fun and creative ideas for making your Sunday school a place that kids want to be. The new ideas are easy-to-do, cost little or nothing, and can be used right away. They're not just for children, but adults as well. UPC No. 21846, $16.99


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