Baby Parade Day Sample Letter click here

Invite parents and guardians in the neighborhood who have children two years old and younger. Promote the Sunday in the local newspaper, church web site, radio, church marquee, the churchs weekly bulletin, canvas the neighborhood with door hangers, and any other venue available.
Organize the parade so that every child gets registered at the door. To begin the baby parade, have the parents line up and parade them across the platform one family at a time. The pastor can introduce each family and call the babys name. The pastor can then give the baby a special gift from the church (baby rattler, mobile, baby computer toy, other baby toys, and so forth). Then have a photographer make the familys photograph with the pastor. Invite other children so that the entire family is in the photograph. Make a fuss over all the children. Provide an attractive background for the picture taking. Give the parents a copy of the photograph at the end of the service. Also, post a copy on the bulletin board with the familys names.
Call the local newspaper or other news outlets and let them know what you are doing. They may attend and give you some free advertisement. This will make a great human interest story.


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