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This is a Sunday to honor all public servants in the city, county, and state: Policemen, fire fighters, aldermen, mayors, city councilmen, congressmen, senators, judges, coroners, commissioners, and other office holders. These people must have a special invitation by letter, phone call or face to face. Their names and position should be collected and given to the pastor. Special seating should be arranged so that they are sitting in a specific section of the sanctuary. Ushers could escort them to the special seating. Each individual should be recognized and their name called from the pulpit. If there is time, they could be escorted to the platform and presented with a gift (church pen set, small plaque of appreciation, box of candy, flowers, and so forth). This is a great time for pictures. It is also a time to give special recognition to those professionals who uphold Christian values and have done special favors for the church. This may be a good time to contact the local media and let them know what you are doing. It is noteworthy that May 9-15 is National Police Week in 2010. They have a web site: .

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