Sunday School Around the World: This is a day to celebrate our multicultural world.
  • Members could dress in the styles of another country of the world.
  • Its a great day to emphasize foreign missions and multicultural ministry. Have a missionary speak.
  • Prizes could be given to the most authentic, most unusual, and most colorful costume.
Western Day Sunday:
  • Everyone dresses western.
  • Offer pony rides for the kids.
  • Do a drawing (gift card to local Western store, western hat, etc.).
  • Provide a western photo staging area with backdrop for families and individuals to make pictures.
Heritage Day Sunday:
  • Retrace the local churchs beginnings honoring the founder and all previous pastors.
  • Members can dress in old-fashioned attire with a potluck after service.
  • This is a great time to build a scrapbook by collecting pictures from the older members. This collection of materials can be posted on the churchs website.
Bible Day Sunday: This Sunday can be a celebration of the Word of God.
  •  Preach a sermon on the value of Gods Word.
  • Give Word Aflame Bibles to adult visitors. Give small NTs to children.
  • Organize a church-wide sword drill and have the final drill before the entire church on Sunday morning.
  •  Have children quote verses they have learned from Sunday school.
  • Decorate the church with Bible themes: scrolls, Hebrew and Greek letters, scribes, appropriate verses from the Bible, and so forth.
  •  Present a special gift to honor everyone who has read the Bible through.
Childrens Day Sunday: This day will celebrate children twelve years old and younger.
  • Have children participate in the service as ushers, special singing, verse quoting, leading in prayer, and so forth.
  • Arrange for the childrens choir to sing and or present a play.
  • Have a childrens evangelist preach.
  • Make the day special for children. Help build good memories about the church.
Sunday School on Parade Sunday: This is a day to feature the Sunday schools achievements.
  • Honor the Sunday school teachers who have been teaching the longest (i.e., five years or more).
  • Honor teachers who have completed the Teacher Certification program.
  • Honor students who have been members of the Sunday school their entire lives.
  • Honor those with perfect attendance for one year or longer.

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