They hold significant meaning for Pentecostals. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, the fifty days of Jesus earthly ministry, and the momentous Day of Pentecost are woven inseparably into our own Pentecostal experience. 

The historical significance is foundational to our faith and its contemporary meaning is profoundly relevant. These fifty days stand

 out in our modern calendar as days of opportunity for spiritual reflection and renewed vision. These seven Sundays can be an opportunity for celebration by the church. This fifty-day block of time can become the most intensive period of spiritual emphasis during the year!

Seven Super Sundays is an effort to build attendance, generate a climate of faith, gain more presence in the community, and mobilize the church toward evangelism. This resource will help churches avoid a big drop in attendance after Easter. Church families are encouraged to make a commitment to attend all seven of these services and to bring visitors. Each Sunday has a special emphasis that will attract visitors and communicate the churchs love for people.

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